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We’re your neighbors, and we’re proud
to be a part of the community with you.

Solar With A Purpose

As a pending Certified B Corporation® we are the only solar energy provider in Florida that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. We aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems and to use business as a force for good.

WattSun Energy is your best choice for affordable clean and green renewable energy.

We work to bring solutions to modernize the grid while giving home owners, business and government, and schools the choice in where the energy they use is produced. No smokestacks. No fracking wells. No toxic waste.
Just beautiful, abundant, and ever present sunshine.

We’re your neighbors, and we’re proud to be a part of the community with you.
WattSun Energy exists to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone we come in contact with.
We believe all solar is good solar and our brightest energy future comes from the sun.


How does solar work with my utility? 2017-07-07T17:10:56+00:00

When your home produces solar energy, your utility will provide you with a credit on your monthly statement. The utility provider will update your electric meter to track the production of your solar array. Varying on the utility, most provide a one-to-one credit on your bill for watts produced vs watts consumed. Its similar to a bank. If you deposit energy credits during the day when the sun is shining, you are able to use those free credits as a withdrawal in the evening when the sun is down.

Does solar work for my business? 2017-07-07T17:09:44+00:00

If you are a business owner that owns your property and has a taxable income, there are several investment strategies you will want to explore. Solar is one of the smartest and best returns on your investment you can find.

What kind of warranties? 2017-07-22T03:18:54+00:00

Happy customers who tell their friends and family about WattSun Energy are what empower us to work hard every day! If you aren’t happy, we won’t settle until you are. Feel confident that WattSun Energy will provide you with the industry’s best warranty!

How does the federal tax credit work? 2017-07-22T03:16:16+00:00
The federal investment tax credit provides a 30% tax credit to home and business owners who go solar. This adds up to thousands of dollars for each project. But don’t wait too long because these credits are not forever!
Always consult your tax professional about your unique and personal tax situation.
Do I have to pay for solar all up front? 2017-07-07T17:05:15+00:00

There are all types of ways to pay for your customized solar array. You can pay in full, or set up monthly financing which may be the equivalent or less than what you currently pay your utility. Currently WattSun Energy has financing partners offering a $0 down option which is the most popular way to finance your energy.

What if I have to move? 2017-07-22T03:12:47+00:00

Making a move with solar can be easy and simple. Our financing partners have support in place to assist you with making your transition to a new buyer. Homes with solar sell faster and for higher values than homes that do not.*

Source: U.S. Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL/TP-550-38304-01
How do I know if I am a good fit for solar? 2017-07-07T16:51:16+00:00

The best way to know if solar is the right fit for you is to have one of our solar advisors contact you directly to go over your energy profile. You will want to make sure that you own your home, your roof is in good shape, and that you have a fair amount of sun reaching your home. If you own your home, why would you not own your power?


Most information needed to determine your energy profile is found on your local utility bill. Part of customizing a solar array for your home is to assess your energy usage and charges. Your solar advisor will need this and some other lifestyle information to see if solar is a good fit for your home.

Your solar array is comprised of very simple features. Your solar modules connect to an underlying racking system. Each solar module is connected together and managed by an inverter to convert the DC energy to AC energy. The local utility company will update your meter to a new meter to track the energy production credits of your system. All systems pass the strictest engineering standards and local building codes to ensure your system can handle the elements. Sit back and relax and we will take care of the entire process from beginning to end.

Did you know your utility will purchase the energy your home produces? Your home can become an energy producer and not just an energy consumer. Local utilities will allow you to offset up to 100% of your power with clean solar energy. WattSun Energy will make the arrangements for you to be compensated for your power generation. Think of it like a bank. During the day when you produce energy, you make solar deposits in the form of credits. During the evening when the panels are at rest, you can make a withdrawal and use those credits produced during the day. You will see all of this on your monthly utility statement.

Solar is a simple process but it does take time and attention. WattSun Energy is your partner to take your home every step of the way. Here are the steps along the way to cleaner energy.

  1. Solar Evaluation
  2. Site Survey
  3. Final Design and Approvals
  4. Local permits
  5. Installation day
  6. Final local inspections
  7. Permission to Operate and power on


Shopping for solar doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. WattSun will provide a complimentary energy evaluation of your home. Our advisors are trained to help you understand your energy profile, look for conservation opportunities, and determine which solar option is best for your home. Expect friendly and local solar advisors to guide you through your customized solar plan.